Transfer telephone line:

One of VoIP consumer is transferring Analog telephone line. In this method we transfer city analog phone line to another point. In some areas such as camp outside cities, farway points, railway stations, impassable areas or centers which telecommunication company is not able to delive city lines, line transfer with VoIP system will be a good option.

First we stablish a communication link such as wireless which can be used ofr data transfer and camera remote surveillance as well. Then we locate one FXO VoIP gateway in origin point and FXS VoIP gateway in destination point and we will have phone line there.

Connection between analog PBXs:

Companies, organizations and complexes with more than one office have daily conversations. To beginning this conversation you need to dial other point number with prefixes which cause expensive bills and take time. With VoIP system you just dial few digits and start free conversation you’re your present communication link such as internet or intranet or wireless.

There are many ways to stablish this link.

Using FXO VoIP gateway: in this way we put FXO VoIP gateway with required port number beside each analog PBX. Then we connect internal lines to FXO ports. For example we connect 120~123 internal lines to FXO. In this case an extension with number 101 dial 120, he would have 120 beep in PBX B and can dial all PBX A extensions and vice versa.

Using FXO, FXS gateways:

In this method we put an FXO beside PBX A and connect internal extension to FXO ports such as 120~123. Then we put FXS gateway to co lines in PBX B. If somebody in point A dial 120 he will be in PBX B IVR and can dial all extensions in point B. In point B if somebody dial number which we assigned for example 8 directly connect to PBX A.

Using IP-PBX and FXS gateways:

This method is useful for complexes with many point. All FXS in offices connect to central IP-PBX and it will manage connections. In this case connection wih mobile and ip phone will be possible too.

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