Sert Plastik

Sert Plastik factory established in 1984 and since then has attempted to produce electricity and network products. It’s products due to quality and reasonable price was faced with the public popularity and now lots of complexes has used it. The trunk in addition to high quality and beauty like Legrand products allows you to install network, electricity and telephone sockets which make it more sufficient and beautiful.


Stylish and elegant design

Easy installation trunking on the wall and mechanisms and angles on it

Sert Plastik has different angles for corners with easy setup and elegant

Made of PVC

Detachable partitions to manage and separate cables

high capacity to install many cables

Available in white, gray and wooden color


Ability to install a conventional power outlet and UPS, network and phone box in single, double, triple and Four frames

Ability to install variety of cables such as power, network, telephone, CCTV

Competitive and reasonable price



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