Telephone and call center consultation, design and implementation

Initially, your requirements and availabilities would be examined and accordingly, the best system is chosen. Then, an adequate infrastructure for that is designed and carried out, followed by implementation of telecommunications system. Finally, an integrated phone system is run on the appropriate communication platform, according to the flexibility of a Network–Based Call Center and its implementation capability on the network.


  • Commissioning of a network–based call center on different platforms commensurate with your collection.
  • Integration of all centers for telephone communication.
  • Installation of a call center with all the basic facilities.
  • Modern facilities such as answering machines, Multiplayer conference, Sales line, Office coordinator phone, Softphone and etc.
  • A contact center to respond to customers.
  • Transfer of lines to another point for integration or locations where cabling does not exist.
  • Easy Call Reporting, wiretapping and call recording, in order to review and improve employee performance
  • Connectivity and video content over the telephony platform.
  • Sending and receiving faxes from the central office and sending to email.
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