About TimaNet

TIMA network activities:
Consulting and engineering design of network and telecommunication projects in compliance with the standards, along with providing plan and documentation.
Consultation on the selection and procurement of high-quality equipment and well-known brands.
Installation and commissioning of the Passive Network Components, including cabling, ducting, erection of the nodes and etc.
Installation and configuration of active network components, including servers, routers and managerial switches.
Carrying out and launch of all the tasks related to the data center and server room.
Installation of indoor and outdoor wireless network between buildings.
Installation of the electrical system, including high and low voltage, generator, UPS, electrical switchgear and etc.
Setup and configuration of the telecommunications and IP Phone Systems.
Installation of surveillance cameras and security monitoring systems.
Maintenance and support of computer and telecommunication networks.

Membership in the Iran ICT Guild Organization.
Certificate of qualification, and ranked in High Council of Informatics.
ISO 9001, 10002, 20000 Certification.