About VoIP

voip چیستSince the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell system has undergone with many changes and every day new technology and new methods has come to replace the old system. Developers of this VoIP technology which  is one of the latest methods of communication and transmission of sound because of voice transmission over the network and use of TCP/IP and software, don’t face limitations of the analog systems so they are evolving and innovate and adding features on this new service every day.

What is VoIP?

VOIP services convert voice into a digital signal and send it over the network platform and the Internet. When you dial a number, the signal divert to analog voice in destination again.

Why VoIP?

Today expanding network platform is an integral part of all society, organization and company and the infrastructure of it is ready. As you can implement VoIP telephony system on this platform you don’t need parallel wiring system for it. Another benefit is you have long distance conversation using wireless network easily. Cheap conversation between offices in all country using intranet and internet is one the advantages as well. There are many features on VoIP system which cannot be implement on analog telephony system also.

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