cabling communicationCabling Communication

One common method to transfer data is cable. In this way a variety of cables such as a telephone wire pair, coaxial cable, LAN twisted pair cable include Cat5, Cat6, Cat7 and optical fiber are used. Each technology has its advantage and disadvantage.

Twisted pair

Twisted pair cables and related equipment are most widely used type of cable transmission, but due to distance limitations that data can send which is up to 100 meters are used inside buildings and short distance. To transfer data high distances we use other models such as fiber optic cable connection or even telephone wires with the help of special equipment.

Fiber optic

Another way to transfer data with cable is fiber optic cable. We use Fiber optic for long distance and also when cabling next to devices and cables which creates noise. Fiber optic use light and convert data into it. The method of data transmission in fiber optic is reflection of light into core. Light is created by laser diodes and special light source.

Telephone line

Using telephone cable is another way. Transmission data over telephone cable has limitation of 4Mb/s speed. For this we use VDSL, G.SHDSL and ADSL modem.

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