Who will benefit from VoIP?

VoIP has many advantages that everybody and complex can somehow use it. Below are a few samples and other items can be identified by each organization.

Organizations, Companies and Offices

Organizations, Companies and Offices with more than one branches, agencies and collections over a city or different cities and countries have daily phone conversation with each other which can be done with VoIP system.


Today telework to reduce costs has become commonplace. People who physically presence is not needed, in the home or other place work for company. With the help of VoIP service we put a IP-phone to their place and connect it to the main office so you don’t feel his absence in the office.

Restaurants, service centers and chain stores

Restaurants and chain stores that also have outside services or delivery are in daily contact to each other and also hey transfer the customer to nearest center to it. For this matter VoIP is the best solution which all received calls can be transferred to other branches.

People who travel too much

People who constantly travel inside and outside the country can take most advantage from this system. The people in places where Internet service equipped can use their mobile phone to connect to the main PBX and use as an internal extension.

Telephone lines and internal transfer

In some places such as camps located in the desert, far from the city center, Railway stations and areas impassable, Telecommunication Company is not able to deliver telephone line. For such places we use a wireless communication and establish VoIP system over it. Also you can use from city line from a city or country to another city.

Factories and large complex

The use of computer systems and networks for organization and series and factories is inevitable. All factories and malls with large area for transfer data between points use the wireless or fiber-optic communication networks. Running VoIP telephone system is easy over this platform which is very difficult with phone wiring and sometime impossible.

There are many other usage from VoIP which each organization can identify for itself.

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