Wireless usages

Wireless networks are used separately or combined with the cable network. Some of these cases is described in the below.

کاربرد وایرلس در هتلHotel: today internet like mobile has become a necessary tool which all people like to have access to it in all places. Hotels in order to provide better services to their quests offer free or charging internet in their room, lobby, cafe shop, restaurant and open areas for more attraction and also added value.

کاربرد وایرلس در دانشگاهUniversity: Using the Internet to research is a tool for students and teachers. Access to resources and servers on the network for staff, faculty and students is also necessary. Many professors and students like to have internet in classes, campus and dormitories with laptop and iPad and mobile and solution is to use the wireless network.

کاربرد وایرلس در فرودگاهAirport: passengers while waiting for their fight need to check emails, doing personal affairs and other internet usages. With Wi-Fi zone in airport which is provided with wireless they can have it.

کاربرد وایرلس در شرکت و اداراتCompanies: with expansion of using computer in companies using network is inevitable. In some office because of being rental they can do cabling and also quest may need to use network and internet and for this matter they have to use wireless system.

کاربرد وایرلس در معدنMine: Mines are generally deep and because of long distance and Transience of tunnels they use wireless system to see cameras and communicate.

کاربرد وایرلس در کارخانهFactories: factories usually have large area which include open yard, offices buildings and production halls. For employee access to the internet and network and also connection devices which need to connect to the special servers and also cameras wireless service is the best solution.

کاربرد وایرلس در بیمارستانHospitals: in hospitals doctors and specialist need to use internet or personal computer. Also some educational supplies and video devices needs to connect to the servers کاربرد وایرلس در انبارwhich wireless can cover this needs.

Ware house and storage: today for inventory control there are many devices which have two parts. One application installed on a server and a devices by warehouse keeper which are usually wireless.

کاربرد وایرلس در سالن کنفرانسConference hall: Participants in conference halls may need to use the Internet during their meeting from their mobile and laptop. Also they may need presentation from their tablet or notebook which is possible with wireless system.

کاربرد وایرلس در راه آهنPorts and railway stations: in these places employees moving to control the movement of passengers and cargo which they use wireless technology for this matter.

کاربرد وایرلس در پارکParks and resort: many people use parks to spend leisure time and entertainment. Sometimes they need to check their emails and other internet activity in this places which with WI-FI zone can easily connect with mobile or laptop.

کاربرد وایرلس در دوربینSurveillance cameras: In large area complex there are cameras which some time cabling system cannot be done or will be expensive. With wireless and using Wi-Fi camera they can connect to center NVR.

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