Rack and Rackmount Chassis

Tima Network supplier of Taiwanese and Iranian Rack and Rackmount chassis can deliver HP, Datasheen, KS, Mahan, Paya and other producer to you with highest quality and best price.

Consulting for choosing the right porduct, high quality, quick deliver and transporting all over Iran

Stand Rack

Rackheightwidth cmdepth cmcolor
47 Unit22660100Black
42 Unit2046060/80/100Black
37 Unit1826060/80/100Black
32 Unit1606060/80/100Black
27 Unit1386060/80/100Black
22 Unit1166060/80/100Black
18 Unit986060/80/100Black
14 Unit8060100Black

Wall mount Rack

Rackheightwidth cmdepth cmcolor
12 Unit636045/60Black
9 Unit506045/60Black
6 Unit366045/60Black

Rack Mount Chassiss

Chassissheightwidth cmdepth cmcolor