Access Control System

access controlIntegrated access control system is the set of mechanical equipment for opening and closing doors, gates, barrier and etc., which is controlled by a management software.

In an organization different type of people executives and employees to clients and guests as well as vehicles accruing to their need have access to enter and leave into sections and rooms of organization. In order to enhance security and ease of access control, comprehensive system of access control has been designed with people authentication by a variety of detection methods such as card, fingerprint, face recognition and more, privileges person diagnosed and managed by software he will be allowed to enter the sector.

The other function of this system is logging the entrances to determine In case of any accident who was present at the time of the action in place.

For movement of vehicles appropriate solutions by the system are available witch can be implemented to permit entry by card reader, RFID reader and license plate.


The first part of the system is devices for electronic locks, gate and barrier parking. The next section includes a card reader for authentication, facial recognition, fingerprints and iris scans in more advanced models, and other devices. This equipment will be identified by the central unit and after confirmation by software the permit will be granted to the person.

Comprehensive software:

We install this software on a server and place it in a secure part. The identity of persons with appropriate permissions can be defined in software. All entries diagnostic devices, card readers and other items sent to the server will send permit to the gates and doors.

TimaNet with offering different solution will implement the system in your organization.

  • Supply and installation of all hardware types such as electronic locks, gate and barrier
  • Supply and installation of card detection equipment, biological and RFID
  • Server access control and detection equipment connection implementation