Active Network Services

Active Network ServicesActive services include settings and configure network communication devices and management in a complex. This setting makes running and proper functioning of a network. Each network based on applications and type of its function requires its individual equipment and settings to obtain the best efficiency and regarding to economic issues.

  • Linux and windows servers setting and configuration:

Domain Controller, File Server, Backup Server, Web Server, Application Server, Mail Server, Print Server

  • software configurationConfiguration and setting Linux and windows server services:

Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, NAT, PROXY, IIS, RAS, Security

  • Management and monitoring system implementation

Network Monitoring

  • router configurationRouters and management switches configuration
  • Configuration and setting firewalls
  • Wireless installation and configuration
  • Installing and configuration of antiviruses on servers and clients
  • Running and designing automatic backup scenario for servers
  • Bandwidth and internet access management and traffic control
  • IP Telephony system implementation
  • Setting up security camera and surveillance system