Establishing connection between offices and branches

Establishing connection between offices and branchesAs the network becomes imperative for companies and organizations, the relationship between the complex with more than one office or factory is inevitable.

Ease and speed in the transmission of data, voice and video communications, sharing, and many other reason will make this communication necessary. These offices and centers can be in a small area, city, country or worldwide.

Linking the points depends on the various parameters which such as the geographical extent, the bandwidth requirements, budget and climatic conditions of the region, in the following we mention some of these methods.

cabling communicationCabling Communication

In this way we use cable and fiber optic to establish connections which According to the long distance fiber optic is the most widely used.

Wireless Communications:wireless communication

In communicating by wireless network (WLAN) connection establish using the wireless radios and relevant equipment. In both side we install tower and fixture and after installing wireless devices and related configuration the connection will be done.

 Communication over intranet and MPLS

This method use telecommunication infrastructure and connection establish on copper, fiber optic and other telecommunication substructure. We use whiz way for communication between canters with long distance and high geographical distribution which using cable or wireless is impossible.

 Communication over Internet

Another method for communication between branches and offices is internet. In this way the connections should be secure to avoid alien’s access to the information. For this matter we use tunnel between points.

PTP, PTMP Services

Telecommunication Company is able to create a connection between two and multiple your requested points with DSL Modems. From your site A establish connection to the nearest telecommunication center and with TDM/ATM with passing through other centers reach to your site B.

Up to 4MB/S this connection can be done with copper phone line and for higher speed with fiber optic and related devices it will be established.

Sometimes you need to use two or multiple ways to achieve the best speed and economic connection.

Consulting and implementation of the best connection way between two and multiple points is among TimaNet services for you.