Telephone and call center consultation, design and implementation

IP Telephony System

Initially, your requirements and availabilities would be examined and accordingly, the best system is chosen. Then, an adequate infrastructure for that is designed and carried out, followed by implementation of telecommunications system. Finally, an integrated phone system is run on the appropriate communication platform, according to the flexibility of a Network–Based Call Center and its implementation capability on the network.

  • Commissioning of a network–based call center on different platforms commensurate with your collection.
  • Integration of all centers for telephone communication.
  • Installation of a call center with all the basic facilities.
  • Modern facilities such as answering machines, Multiplayer conference, Sales line, Office coordinator phone, Softphone and etc.
  • A contact center to respond to customers.
  • Transfer of lines to another point for integration or locations where cabling does not exist.
  • Easy Call Reporting, wiretapping and call recording, in order to review and improve employee performance
  • Connectivity and video content over the telephony platform.
  • Sending and receiving faxes from the central office and sending to email.

Advantages of VoIP System

The reason of increasing spread of VoIP system is the technology used in this system that developers and manufacturers of the system without limitation of analogue systems are able to use many features. The following are some of the advantages of this system we can mention.

No geographical restrictions

In traditional systems to connect each user to the telephone we need a separated wiring. Of course, if the user is outside the office geographic area this is not possible.

In the VoIP system connection to the PBX is through the network. This means that in every part of the world that connect to the core network via wireless, intranet, internet and any other present form of communication, there is the possibility of interconnection to the phone. This connection can be via a IP Phone, computer, mobile and etc.

No need for separate wiring

Today every offices, companies and organizations are equipped to the network which can be used for VoIP system as well. This means that there is no separate wiring required for the phone system that reduces the cost and ease of work.

 Free Communication

IP telephony system use variety of connection types such as Internet and intranet which you can have calls without using telecommunication lines so is free of charge.

The lines transmission

In Using VoIP system you can have the beep of every city or country in another country. In this Technic not only you reduces the cost of the phone, but also with its help you can have virtual offices that can be held in the main office to respond immediately.

One of this method usage is transferring telephone line to the points which wiring is not possible


Companies and organizations with more than one office in each center have telephone lines or call center. To contact and communicate with each other should dial and if receive a call from outside the office they should ask him to call another number for other branches. In the VoIP call center is centralized in main office in the main office. If employees and managers want to have contact with each other they can easily dial direct number in other points and transfer received call in one office to another office as well.

 Easy Management

In IP-PBX system management is very easy. IP-PBX deliver a GUI to user to manage the whole system or getting reports.


IP-PBX has a conference room which many staff can join from inside and outside office and have a simultaneously conversation.

Easy Deployment

Spreading and adding a user on the VoIP system is very easy and not such traditional systems require  re-wiring for each user.

Additional features

IP-PBXs are with features that are seamlessly available for the users. Many of these features in traditional systems cannot be add to the system or need separate equipment for each part.

Send and receive faxes over the Internet

With using FoIP, central device can receive fax and e-mail it to the address you provide. You can also connect to the device via the Internet and send fax through it with your office fax number. This means that you have your fax anywhere in the world you are.

In implementing VoIP due to the flexibility of its technology, is rapidly expanding. With variety of methods you can implement many scenarios according to your need.