Network Design

مشاوره و طراحی شبکهFirst of all we examine the environment which we are supposed to design the network for it and before any action we determine the goals we are going o reach. Network is a data communication infrastructure to run applications over it therefore cannot be designed without understanding all individual applications, features and needs.

Theatrical information along with practical experience of network technology and understanding the real environment will end to a realistic and implementable of a network design. Experience without technical information and verves is not enough. Parameters such as cost, performance and availability some times are in conflict with each other and our art is to design a trade-off plan which cover your all needs.

After implementation of a network infrastructure monthly expenses such as line rents, supports, electricity bill and same maters will start. With a perfect design we reduce this expense as much as possible. For example in some environment with wireless or cabling communication we can omit wan lines. Also a good design can reduce the support staff and their salaries.

Providing the plans solely upon expensive brands is good but not always necessary. Sometimes you can use alternative equipment in some parts and having the same efficiency. Some designers always lays on expensive products which rejects other solution based on other brands. We always try to use the easiest and most efficient devise based on well-known high and mid-rate companies or combination of them to deliver the best plan.

 We anticipate all main parameters such as performance, resiliency and expansion capability. If a network is not design properly or is deviating from the general principles of design, you need to spend lots of time and money for adding a new device or debugging a bug. So the lack of properly design cause hundreds time of wasting time and money. With using expert and experienced technician we will give you piece in mind.