Network Services

Network InstallationCreating a network is done with the aim of raising the speed, improving the performance and efficiency, reducing the costs and many other reasons. The first step to build a network is making infrastructure.  If this section does not work precisely and regularly, not only has not the advantages of such technology for the users, but also subsequently causes difficulties and confusion for them, as well as numerous costs to manage the defects.

Considering the key points and the relevant standards that have been established in this case, a stable and reliable network can be created, in a way that it makes easy the use of abundant facilities of the network.

  • Consultation and design advice in order to establish a standard network and telecommunication system.
  • Implementation of trunking system in the most beautiful form, and in compliance with the standards.
  • Implementation of network cabling, electricity, telephone and fiber optic systems.
  • Installation and assembling patch panels, network nodes, telephones, electricity and fiber optic fusion.
  • Installation and decoration of racks and inside equipment.
  • Installation and mounting of an integrated access control systems.
  • Installation of Windows and Linux servers and related services.
  • Installation of virtual servers.
  • Setting up the router, managerial switches and wireless systems.
  • Configuration of an information backup system.
  • Monitoring and network control system.
  • Fluke test and providing maps and documents for an erected network.
  • Mounting user systems along with any required software.
  • Connectivity and integration of offices and branches on different kinds of communication platforms.