Maintanance And Support

Even if a network has been set up in the best way and uses the most up to date equipment, it may not operate properly without accurate maintenance. The technician should monitor network regularly in terms of hardware and software, then troubleshoot the imperfections. They should upgrade software and if necessary replace with higher versions.

Complete map of the site and equipment must be prepared and available in case you need to refer to it. Regularly backing up the information would guarantee valuable information of your company. Therefore, it must run on a regular basis, and information should be stored in a safe place.

With an expert and experienced IT team, we maintain and operate the network in highest and best form of efficiency.

  • Consulting to improve and upgrade the network.
  • Providing a complete and accurate map of the site and update it regularly.
  • Maintenance and support of the network’s passive equipment, including cabling system and network nodes.
  • Maintenance and support of the network’s active equipment, such as switches, servers and routers.
  • Maintenance and support of the wireless communications.
  • Maintenance and support of surveillance systems and control cameras.
  • A permanent control of hardware and software to reduce the incidence of probable problems.
  • Periodic services and inspection, or providing full-time administrative support.
  • Regularly backing up the servers, and storing in the appropriate location.
  • Report of the network performance and status of the site.
  • Statistical and graphical reports on the status of the network and the Internet.
  • Keeping update the network in terms of hardware and software.