Passive network services

Installation of passive network may seems simple but in the absence of standards and the lack of sufficient experience it cause problems for users which fixing them sometimes takes more than running costs.

Distortion, glitch and start-stop network, the inability to expand the network, troubleshooting and resolving a difficult problem are among the problems which users fill face them.

  • Trunking and duct installation in the most beautiful form and necessary standards observance
  • Data Cabling include Cat5, Cat6, Cat7, Fiber optic, Telephone, Electricity and UPS
  • Network and telephone keystone installation
  • Fiber optic services such as cabling, Fusion, Patch panel and accessories installation
  • Network and Telephone patch panel installation
  • Installation of servers, routers, switches and accessories in Rack
  • Electricity and UPS plug installation with power consumption calculation
  • Power box installation with deploying standards and preparing plans
  • UPS and cabinet battery installation with consumption calculation
  • Surveillance camera and control system installation
  • Installation of stand and wall mount cabinets and racks with beauty consideration
  • Guyed mast and Self rig tower insulation for wireless or camera usage
  • Data center and server room passive part installation
  • Fluke test for fiber optic and copper nodes
  • Plan drawing and documentation of all performed work