Network Services

A stable network begins from installation. We will implement the network with engineering plan and standard for you


Full implementation of Telecommunication system with plenty of features on a variety of platforms according to your needs


Although the network lunch in the best way, it will not work properly without maintenance. We will bring a sustainable network

Data Center

The data center and server room is the heart of the information of each set. The expert team of TimaNet set up a reliable data center

Supply of equipment

The choosing equipment in setting up a technical systems is as important as the proper execution of the executive. The use of inappropriate means to meet user requirements, non-standard and original equipment and weak brands will create problems , such as the cost of buying unnecessary supplies or replacing unbalanced devices and reducing efficiency. Based on the expertise and reputation of the reputable brands in the world, this company has the power to accompany you with the selection of the equipment needed to supply them.

محصولات شبکه

Shcneider Network Products

محصولات اشنایدر

Schneider Products

کابل شبکه اشنایدر

Schneider Network Cable From Cat5e to Cat7a

Shcneider Keystone

پچ پنل اشنایدر

Shcneider Patch Panels

فیبر نوری اشنایدر

Fiber Optics

Trunking System

Full Implementation of Data Center and Server Room

According to Standars