Data Center and server Room

Data centers and server rooms are places of information integration and providing different services in your complex.

Due to the high sensitivity of such locations, facility and faster access to information, physical and information security, appropriate conditions of temperature, required standards, preventing unauthorized entry and other cases are taken into account in design procedure up to the full installation.

  • Designing, equipment layout and preparing a complete map.
  • Wallcovering, implementation of standard floor and suspended ceiling.
  • Supplying and installation of anti-theft and fire resistant doors.
  • Cooling system startup.
  • Performing cabling between and within the racks, compliance with available standards.
  • Selection, preparation and configuration of servers, according to the set function.
  • Installation of power system, UPS, generators, stabilizers and anti-lightning.
  • Fire detection and fire alarm systems of the server room, based on the standard.